Membership Agreement

Global Brands Foreign Trade Inc. If you want to shop at the Virtual Store (, you must first sign up and obtain a user password by filling out the registration form. Membership in the site means that you agree and undertake to comply with the terms of the membership agreement. The user is deemed to have committed to abide by the usage agreement from the moment that he successfully completes the membership process and receives or orders any service using this system.
If any of the terms stated on this page do not apply to you, please do not use
Global Brands Foreign Trade Inc. reserves the right to change the following general and special conditions at any time. It is important that you visit this page every time you visit to see the terms of membership and usage that may change.
The member will have a "password" to be set by him.
The e-mail address you provided during registration is member-specific and has the possibility to create a single membership; it is not possible to have two different memberships with the same e-mail address. "Password" is known only to the user.
User can change password whenever wants to. The selection and password is the user's responsibility to protect all.
Global Brands Foreign Trade Inc. is not responsible for any problems arising from password usage. In order to connect to the services that require membership, the user must enter the e-mail address and password entered during registration.
In the following written cases, the site management may prevent the member from using the site and reserves the legal rights of the person (s) involved in the following initiatives. The person and / or persons using the site accept and undertake the following terms by using the site.
that the services and software provided by are copyrighted by Global Brands Foreign Trade Inc. and will not reproduce or distribute such software in any way,
When using services, it is the responsibility of the personal ideas, opinions, expressions, added files and personal information submitted by Global Brands Foreign Trade Inc. to be held responsible for such files. The obligation to cover all damages that may occur by Dış Ticaret A.Ş shall be borne by the user,
Global Brands Foreign Trade Inc. shall not be responsible for the information messages and files that will be lost, and / or missing during the use of its services, and transmitted to the wrong address,
not accessing the services offered by in an unauthorized way and changing the software in any way, using certain ones that have been changed and paying all the material and moral damages that Global Brands Foreign Trade Inc. may incur if it does not comply with the aforementioned clauses. ,
Global Brands Dış Ticaret A.Ş. shall not be liable for any damages that may occur due to unauthorized reading of member data,
Threatening, immoral, racist, Republic of Turkey to the law, not to send messages contrary to international agreements,
Correspondence to be added to the environment, subject titles, nicknames in accordance with the rules of general morality, manners and law,
Not to affect other users' use of the service,
Not to publish, print, distribute, advertise, sell, sell or sell any goods or services, which may infringe on the names of individuals or institutions, violate, immoral, inappropriate or unlawful material or information,
Not to conduct surveys, contests or chain letter activities,
Not to send information or programs that may damage information or software on other users' computers,
UPWATCH ACCESSORIES AND CONSTRUCTION INC. is responsible for the use of the service by UP.WATCH, that any records or materials obtained by using services are entirely within the consent of the user, malfunctions on the user's computer, loss of information and other losses. Singing. Tic. Ltd. Not to demand compensation,
 It is forbidden to publish any items on this site in any other medium or website or to give links without the permission of It is strictly forbidden to copy or use the software that is used in the design and database creation of these pages and which belongs to

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