Service &Warranty


Product’s mechanism has 2 years warranty.

Product’s case covering, glass and watch bandare under user’s responsibility.

Product’s Waterproof level is 1 ATM in LED product sand 3 ATM in Analog products. (Not suitable for sea and poolusing).

Keep off your watch from hard and sharp object stop rotectit’s glass from scratches. Watch’s front surface form ed from hard ened glass and will not crack unlessget extra hard impact.

Do not expose your watch top ressure, impacts, dust, fire orextremeheat.

Do not try to open or take apart of your watch.

Product/s that sent toTechnical Service’sshipping cost is belongs to sender. Technical Service do not accept counter payment packages.Package that sent to Technical Service must include warranty certificate and address details that will be sent again.

Battery life is proportional withyour using time. When considered that watch is checked for 6 times a day, battery life will be about 2 years.

When your battery dead, all watch repairers can easily change. BatteryType: Maxell CR2032 3V

Timer – UP! Watch TouchScreen

Click To Watch Short Setting Video

When you touch to touch screen, light willturn on and time appears. Touch operated areais located the left of UP! logo.

Only thing is touch to touch screen and keep it for a while to set time and date.Firstly you will see light blinkson “Time” section. Now you can start setting.

You need to touch to touch screen again and again for change the digit.

When you complete this process, touch for a while to touch screen. You will see “Minute” section blinks. Now you can set minute.

To switch bet ween setting sections, all you need to do is touch the screen for a while.

You can set Year / Month / Day respectively.

Do not led to light turn off while setting processes. Because you will need to do all from beginning in suchcase.

Time Setting – UP! Watch LED

When you pressone of buttons in left, time willappear. Time isneedtoappeartoset time.

After Time appear on the screen and press Right bottom button, you can begin time setting.

You can set time with Right top button. After setting, you can press Right bottom button again to set minute section.

When you done with time setting, you need toset date.

Use right bottom button to switch bet ween month, day, year settings. And use right top button to change the digit on the screen.

You can switch to screen that you can change watch’s display mode while pressing right bottom button before screen light off. Then you can complete your selection via using right top button.

Now your setting sare done.

Do not led to light turn off while setting processes. If light turn ed off, it will be enought opress right bottom button for few times untill reach to old setting screen.

When you press right top button for a few times in standart use, time, date and second screen sappear respectively.

It is enought opressany button to return home screen after any change on time settings.

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